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Menu & Offerings

I've created my menu to reflect various flavour profiles and to honour tastes of many kinds. There's truly something for everyone! Below are general pricing guidelines for cupcakes orders, though please be mindful that base rates may vary depending on client needs.

1  Dozen Cupcakes (12 Count)


1/2 Dozen Cupcakes (6 Count)


12 + Cupcakes 


Classic Chocolate

Chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream (design, garnish & drizzle as desired)

Classic Vanilla

Vanilla cake, vanilla buttercream (colour, design & garnish as desired)

Mint Chocolate Chip

Chocolate cake, mint chocolate ganache filling, mint chip buttercream


Chocolate & vanilla marble cake, chocolate & vanilla swirl buttercream, garnish of choice

Cupcake Flavours

Peanut Butter Chocolate

Chocolate cake, peanut butter filling and buttercream, chocolate

peanut drizzle

Chocolate Raspberry 

Chocolate cake, raspberry jam buttercream

Hot Cocoa

Chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream, mini marshmallows & milk chocolate drizzle

Pricing & Rates

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